Children's Kindergarten Table (Light Pink)

Suitable for preschoolers:

1. Home Usage
2. Parties / Events
3. Classroom Usage

• A playroom essential, purposefully designed for your little one to take on a whole array of indoor and outdoor activities, from day through to night

• Reading, Writing, Playing, Crafting – You name it! A table for your little one's necessities

• The table is light but steady, making it easy for your little one to carry them from room to room, allowing them to find a space where they are comfortable and able to unleash their creativity

• The table is made from harmless plastic and friendly for your little one

• The table is also perfect for outdoor use

• The table is easy to assemble

Colours available:

1. Light Pink
2. Light Blue

Product dimensions:

• Width: 55cm
• Height: 48cm
• Length: 77cm

Recommended Age Group:
3 - 6 years