Children's Musical Instruments

Suitable for preschoolers:

1. Home Usage
2. Classroom Usage

• Sized just right for tabletop or sit-down floor play

• Help kids explore different sounds by altering their movement: hit hard, soft, fast, and slow - by changing the way the various instruments are played, your little one will learn how different actions cause different responses and gain better control of their own bodies and rhythmic movement.

• eye-hand coordination
• multi-sensory learning
• auditory skills
• rhythm
• musical appreciation and creativity
• self-expression and confidence

Items available:

1. Hand Drum / Tambourine
2. Triangle
3. Sleigh Bell
4. Cymbals
5. Maracas
6. Egg Shaker
7. Castanet
8. Tone Block

Recommended Age Group:
2 years and above