ERGOWORKS - Rubberize Gel Anti-fatigue Standing Mat (Dim. 500 x 900mm)

Patented Technology! The lightest weight, most effective & 100% non-toxic anti-fatigue Standing Mat Standing on a hard floor is tiring and bad! It will cause Body Stiffness, Low Concentration & Poor Blood Circulation. ERGOWORKS Standing Desk Mat is an excellent ergonomic solution for use with a standing desk. It will keep your feet and body comfortable while working at the standing desk mat. Ergonomic Features: Effectively reduces arch and heel pain while standing Encourage dynamic and active movement. Reduce pressure and stress on spines and body joints Ease stiffness on neck and shoulders. Reduce 50% energy use by supporting muscles in the back and legs. Stimulate and promote better blood circulation. Perfect for standing desk, sit-stand workstation, and height-adjustable table One-piece construction is simple and durable, easy to clean up and maintain.
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  • Dimension: 500 x 900 x 17mm
  • Foam Structure: Closed Cell Foam
  • Thickness: 17±1mm; 12.7±1mm
  • Heavy Duty Type: 16°±3°
  • Soft Comfort Type: 10°±3°
  • Round Corners
One Year Manufacturer Warranty