Marshall Cavendish 乐中学 《排排坐》Series

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This series of 24 books is categorized by themes to match cognitive abilities of young readers and is controlled at an age-appropriate level. There are guided reading plans and Hanyu Pinyin provided at the end of each book.

The themes are Animals, Family Life, Daily Life, Care, Growth and Gratitude. The series is split into Green Apple, Yellow Apple and Red Apple series for Nursery, K1 and K2 respectively.

Green Apple Series (Animals & Family Life):
1. 兔子生病了
2. 贪吃的小老鼠
3. 小猪旅行
4. 动物会唱歌
5. 饼干不见了
6. 我是小厨师
7. 黑猫在哪里?
8. 圣诞礼物

Yellow Apple Series (Daily Life & Care):
1. 我的爸爸是国王
2. 一根魔术棒
3. 我们去动物园
4. 我的大车和小车
5. 小猫送菜
6. 小熊的名字
7. 小鸭上学
8. 小猴子盖房子

Red Apple Series (Growth & Gratitude):
1. 蓝蓝和小熊
2. 美丽的鞋盒
3. 爸爸的卡车
4. 可可上太空
5. 小绵羊西西
6. 好邻居
7. 鸟妈妈和大象
8. 米米和拉拉

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