Wooden Multifunctional Tool Set for Early Childhood Montessori Education

Suitable for preschoolers:

1. Home Usage
2. Montessori Play
3. Classroom Usage

• A wonderful multifunctional tool kit pretend play set that encourages co-ed play and opens budding minds to a world of opportunities

• Features everything you need to get those imaginations blooming, including a wooden toy hammer, saws and even screws and measuring rulers! Comes with a compact foldable kit, making it accessible for your little one to carry, keep neat and organised at all times

• Self-directed, hands-on play
• Motor skills
• Language skills and vocabulary expansion
• Imagination and creative expression
• Confidence
• Social and collaborative play

Product Dimensions:
• Width: 8cm
• Height: 30cm
• Length: 20.3cm

Recommended Age Group:
3 years and above